Saturday, January 26, 2008

Miss America Live! Pageant

I attended the Miss America Pageant tonight as it was taped live in Las Vegas. 51 women competed for the coveted title in categories including interviews, talent, evening gown, and swimsuit. The title was awarded to Miss Michigan at the end of the evening.

This year's pageant took on a different twist. It was a reality show on TLC before the live competition. The girls all lived together prior to the pageant.

The women were all accomplished and articulate, and the Miss America Organization put on an exceptional pageant. The Miss America Program values education, scholarship, and achievement rather than appearance. They are a great role model for other pageants.

Below I am with the Casino Manager of Planet Hollywood.

I also got to meet several other titleholders from across the country, including Savannah, Miss Junior California, who is looking forward to competing for Miss America one day!