Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thank You for Donation - Cool Hub Caps

I have received a very generous donation offer from Cool Hub Caps - they have offered to give me a set of hub caps for my wheelchair, and also to donate a set of hubcaps to 2 of my favorite charities!

The owner of the company recently wrote to me:

I founded this company after my mother began using a wheelchair fulltime. I was surprised at how people reacted to her simply because she was in a wheelchair. People stopped really seeing her, and only saw her chair. Strangers stopped chatting with her (you know, the informal type of chatter that happens in elevators and such) because they didn’t know what to say. Even my own children had difficulty seeing their Grandma in a wheelchair. Many people can’t afford the nice new wheelchairs that come in the great colors - so one day I came up with the idea of making affordable, customized wheelchair spoke guards for people. These spoke guards, in addition to protecting fingers from the spokes, give a big splash of personality to the wheelchair, and become an instant ice breaker. After mom got her first pair – people started chatting with her again – the spoke guards started people talking which was really very wonderful. She now has several sets, and can change them up easily depending on her mood – which she likes enormously.We are a small and growing company, and we believe in giving back...

I picked the American Flag design for my chair. Check out their website at, and check back for more updates on the charitable donations!