Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thank You for Donation - Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman

Many thanks to Coleman Jewelers in Deadwood, South Dakota, for their generous donation - they presented a set of "his and hers" Black Gold watches to my husband and me at the end of our trip.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman was founded in 1977 and is located on the south edge of Rapid City on your way through the majestic Black Hills of South Dakota USA. They are known as the world's largest producer and supplier of Black Hills Gold Jewelry. This notable distinction is attributed to their large assortment of attractive designs, outstanding prices, unbeatable sales support, unsurpassed customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. Their product distribution includes many types of retail stores throughout the United States and other foreign countries. In addition, they distribute their product through a number of Internet retailers.

Be sure to search the web for Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman brand name, or contact the Customer Service Department at 800-874-9926 and ask the customer service representatives where you can buy Coleman Black Hills Gold Jewelry. Experience the legend and the discovery of Black Hills Gold Jewelry.