Friday, February 8, 2008

The University of Massachusetts Boston Alumni Association Magazine that was issued this week features an article on my new role as Ms Wheelchair America.

I am proud to have graduated from UMass Boston. I love the time I spent there; I got an excellent education and it's also where I met my husband.

I graduated from UMass Boston in 1995 - the third generation of my family to attend this institution. My paternal grandmother, Ethel (MacKay) Donoghue, graduated from Boston Normal School, as it was called back then in the 1920s. She became a teacher in the Boston Public School System, where she met and married my grandfather, who was also a teacher. Both of my parents, Dolores (Cashman) Donoghue and John Donoghue, attended when it was called State College at Boston in the 1960s. They met there, got married, and both also became teachers. My father is in his 42nd year with the Boston Public School System.

Everyone who has earned a degree or diploma from UMass Boston and all of its predecessor institutions (Boston Normal School, Teachers College of the City of Boston, State Teachers College at Boston, State College at Boston, Boston State College), all those who have been enrolled as a matriculated student for a period of two semesters, and whose classes have graduated, are eligible for membership in the Alumni Association.

The University of Massachusetts Boston Alumni Association serves and represents alumni and the University, by engaging and empowering all alumni as active and effective partners in the UMass Boston community; and by promoting the lifelong, mutually beneficial pursuit of the
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