Monday, December 17, 2007

Success Story: A Woman of Strength

Physical Fitness Pays Off

In my platform speech for the Ms Wheelchair America competition, I advocated physical fitness for people with disabilities because I have experienced first-hand the benefits of regular exercise over the past few years. Many of the women involved in the MWA program also work out in an exercise program, and several others expressed an interest in beginning a fitness routine.

I received an email recently from one of my friends from the competition, Lorraine Cannistra, Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2007. Lorraine began working out shortly after the pageant in July, and she is already feeling the benefits of exercising! Below is an exerpt from her email:

"I found out a few weeks ago that I have lost 22 pounds in recent months. I have been exercising and eating better. It must be paying off. :-) You have, at least in part, given me inspiration for both. So, I can tell you, Ms. Wheelchair America, that you have truly made a difference, at least in my life. And, I am sure, many others. Thank you so much! You are truly 'Leading By Example!'"

Lorraine Cannistra is also leading by example! She was the winner of the Boquet Award for her exuberant personality at the Ms. Wheelchair America 2008 pageant. She is a talented writer, tireless advocate, and wonderful friend. Her lively spirit is endearing to all!