Sunday, January 13, 2008

Miss America Pageant

I will be attending The Miss America Pageant live competition on Saturday, January 26, 2008, at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hopefully I will be able to connect with some of the contestants and Organization staff.

Developed by the Miss America Organization, the Miss America program exists to provide personal and professional opportunities for young women to promote their voices in culture, politics and the community. It provides a forum for today's young women to express their viewpoints, talents and accomplishments to audiences during the telecast and to the public-at-large during the ensuing year. Almost all contestants have either received, or are in the process of earning either college or postgraduate degrees, and utilize Miss America scholarship grants to further their educations.

Pageants such as Miss America and Ms. Wheelchair America are much more focused on highlighting ability and achievement instead of appearance or beauty. They offer women of strength a vehicle to spread their messages throughout the country. I feel honored to have been selected as a leader in this field.