Thursday, February 28, 2008

Disabled Divaz Fashion Show

I had the honor of participating in the "Disabled Divaz" fashion show in Tucson, Arizona this week.
I was the keynote speaker at the event, and I also got to be a runway model!
The event was fabulous. I event got to hook up with some old friends who have relocated to Tucson...I'm pictured above with Olivia Lescinskas, whose father Brian, below, is an old friend of mine from Boston. It was great to catch up with him in Tucson!The fashion show is a major fundraiser of the Aurora Foundation, whose vision is as follows:

Disability is no longer "Someone Else's Problem" or something that happens in “someone else’s family.” It's clear that the increased incidence of disability across all segments of our population means that more families than ever before are affected directly or indirectly by disability. This also means that communities like Tucson are more deeply and widely affected in the housing, education, social and government service, and health care arenas than ever before. The Need Is Great and the Opportunities Are Limitless to reach out to young women with disabilities with education programs that enable their potential for independent living, productive jobs and careers, and proactive civic participation in the life of our community. The programs that Aurora provides in our community are, indeed, more important than ever before.

Thanks so much to the wonderful, amazing Aurora founder and president, Stephanie Parker. She truly lives this vision, and her hard work has enriched so many lives of young women with disabilities. Visit for more information.