Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts - Press Release

March 12, 2008


BOSTON, MA - A new Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts will be crowned on Sunday, April 6, 2008, at Carson Place Lounge in the Bayside Expo Center. Women who use wheelchairs across the state are encouraged to apply for the competition. The deadline for applications is March 25.

The Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts Pageant is not a beauty contest. It is an annual event held to select the most accomplished, articulate spokeswoman to represent the needs and achievements of people living with disabilities throughout the Commonwealth. Qualifications for the competition include being a woman between the ages of 21-60 who uses a wheelchair for 100% of daily mobility. Marital status is not a consideration. Contestants are judged on communication skills, interviews, and a 2 minute platform speech.

This year’s pageant will take place on Sunday, April 6, from 10 am – 4 pm at Carson Place Lounge in the Bayside Expo Center (180 Mt. Vernon Street, Dorchester, MA 02125). There is free parking for the event in if you enter through the North lot. The fee to enter the pageant is $150. This includes a continental breakfast and box lunch for each contestant and a companion, an 8 x 10 contestant photo, and a DVD of the pageant. Financial assistance is available to assist with the entry fee if needed.

Kristen McCosh, 39, of South Boston, Massachusetts, will be giving up her title as Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts 2007 at the event. She is currently reigning as Ms. Wheelchair America, travelling across the country doing outreach and advocacy work on behalf of people with disabilities to the business, political, and lay communities. To further this end, she keeps a daily blog with news, events, and her activities. It can be seen at She is also available for speaking engagements and appearances.

To apply for the 2008 Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts Pageant, visit or contact Autumn Grant at: 774-501-1185 or email
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If you would like more information on the Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts program, please call Kristen at 617-312-5804, or email her at