Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank You for Sponsorship - Origins

The Origins store in Braintree, MA has generously donated beauty gift bags for each of the 2009 MWA contestants. I'll be bringing them with me to give out at nationals next week!

Origins mission is to promote beauty and wellness through good-for-you products and feel-good experiences by celebrating the connection between Mother Nature and Human Nature.

Since it launched in 1990, Origins has been about looking at things in different ways. Choices. Alternatives. New experiences. All sorts of exciting new possibilities. And always finding answers in nature. Since 1990, we’ve been creating and innovating healthful choices in Skin Care, Hair Care, Bath and Body, Color and Sensory Therapy® products using the best of nature along with trying to do what’s best for the planet and what’s best for you. Our many unique products go beyond physical appearance to treat, touch, scent and surround every aspect of your being and well-being. We create products for farmhouse and penthouse, for men and women, babies and pets, getting and gifting. Whether you need an aromatic candle to light your way...or a special gift to make someone’s day, you’ll find just what you need to live a more natural lifestyle at Origins.

Special thanks to store manager Ginny for this very generous donation!